Did you know that in 2017, almost 280,000 new and used cars were registered for the first time in Ireland!

That’s a lot of extra traffic! But it’s actually good news for your business…if you know how to take advantage of it. How many hours each day are your fleet or delivery vehicles on the road? How many other drivers and pedestrians are they likely to pass?

Census 2016 results found that there were 1.8 million workers commuting in Ireland every day. 1.2 million of these were commuting by car, 175k were walking, 174k were using public transport and 56k were cycling.

Outdoor advertising can be one of the most effective forms of advertising. And mobile outdoor advertising gives you even more bang for your buck. According to Hopkins Communications, ‘35% of all adults in Ireland have seen advertising on the outside of a bus in the last week.’ Thats 35% of ALL adults. And thats just one type of vehicle. The fact is that even if your vehicle is just sitting in a line of traffic or parked up for lunch at a local coffee shop, it is still earning you impressions from every single passerby and all for a once off cost.